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All The Berries

Blueberries c RM16/each

Strawberry Chews 
clippies set of 2 RM18/set
Laffy Taffy Grape c RM18/each
Baby Grape c RM16/set
Baby Berries c RM16/set

Brown and blush and blues

Softie pH + c RM15/set
Bestfriends c set of 3 RM16/set
Bestie c set of 3 RM16/set
Nectarine c set of 2 RM18/set
Rocky Road bH RM18/each
Pinkin Brown c RM15/each
Cola c RM16/each
Cherry Cola bH RM16/each
Cardigan c set of 2 RM18/each

Stripy Strap

State Flag bH RM18/each
Sun Streak c RM14/each
Team Mascot bH RM16/each

Super-puffed Bow

Satin Puffer aB RM25/each
Grosgrain Puffer aB RM25/each

New Alice

Grosgrain tuxedo bow on a satin-covered flexible alice-band.
Free-sized *new product*

Tuxedo aB RM20/each
Nude Tuxedo aB RM20/each
Pink Tuxedo aB RM20/each

Hot Pink

Fuschia Flower c RM22/each
Handmade fabric flowers ;p
Pink bH RM20/each
Very Pink bH RM20/each

Bright Blush skinny bH RM16/each *new stuff*

Little Darlings

Baby Pink Flower Girl skinny bH RM20/each
(top) Dainty Little Girl c RM15/each
(bottom) Girly Girl bH RM18/each
Baby Blue Flower Girl skinny bH RM20/each
White Flower Girl skinny bH RM20/each
Shabby Blue c RM18/eachDesigner-cotton fabric bow
Satin Blue Flower Girl skinny bH RM18/eachHandmade satin flower
Baby Blue Girl bH RM18/each
*new* ruffled elastic headband

Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink with Spots aB RM22/each
designer-cotton fabric bow on alice-band
(top/right) Dusty Pink Bloom bH RM18/each
(left) Pink Charm c RM10/each
Dusty Pink Flower bH RM20/each
handmade fabric flower with pearl
Dusty Pink with Spots bH RM20/each
designer-cotton fabric bow
Dusty Rose bH RM16/each
Dusty Pink minis c RM14/set
mini taildown & the new bitty-bow

Flower Garland *new*

                                                  Amélie is wearing Watermelon
I'm inspired!
Tiny adorable buttons were each hand-sewn to the center of these flower felts and attached to a skinny headband. The black colored elastic is meant to be camouflaged by your little girl's hair, leaving just a trail of flowers like a whimsical floating garland.       
Also available in bigger girl's and even mommy's size too, just state your measurement as a remark in the order form.

skinny bH RM20/each


Gingerbread c RM18/each
bH RM20/each
designer-cotton fabric bow
White Blooms bH RM20/each
handmade fabric flower ;) *new stuff*

Deep Blue Ocean

Dolphin c RM18/each
bH RM20/each
large grosgrain bows.: approx 4"
Deep Blue Sea c RM16/each
Beach Flower bH RM20/each
fabric handmade flowers ;) *new stuff*
Ocean Water c RM15/each
satin bow
Deepwater Coral bH RM22/each
fabric handmade flowers ;) *new stuff*
Ocean Baby c RM18/each
satin bow
(top) Pink Reef c RM15/each
(bottom) Beach Beauty bH RM20/each
Coral Island c+bH RM20/set