bribbons. entourage

Pin Up Girl

Tutu  RM15/pair
Bobby Pin (8 cm)

Dainty  RM15/pair
Bobby Pin (8 cm)

Flower Girls

Gerbera Wang • RM18 (adult size • RM20)
Petité Daisy • RM12

Up Next...

Well..perhaps u its worth sharing that when I first took my late mom's sewing machine bout 2 yrs back, I could barely operate the darn thing that I had to give way for my sister to use it at her college..(not her, she used it to get the fashion design students 'practise' dressmaking with it..HER dress to be precise)

Early this year, after much googling n you-tubing, my determination scored me the prerogative so my dad let me have it back..yay!
I'm working on we speak. Fingers crossed that I wont b sewing a meter long without realizing that the thread underneath was missing-ever
I'm getting better ok, mind speed is now 2 okaaaay........hahah..

Lets see what I can come up with...
(if u dont see any update abt this, just dont ask ok..i probly got my tongue stitched together or smtg..)
stay tuneeeeed....

The Adorable Duo

Pink Dolphin  RM18/pair
French barette/Alligator clip
Width: 3.2"
Elastic band available upon request
Bats  RM16/pair
Elastic band
Width: 3.0"/each

Named after...

Dod  RM16/each 
Width: 2.7"
*sold to the lady herself, of course..*
more available

Play A Character

The Grinch  RM14/each 
Elastic band
Width: 3.0"

Thumbelina  RM14/each 
Elastic band
Width: 2.6"

Garden Tea Party

Pink rose  RM14/each 
Elastic band
Width: 3.0"

White rose  RM14/each 
Elastic band
Width: 3.0"

Pink Satin

Princess lilac  RM14/each, RM20/pair
Choice of French barette/ Alligator Clip/ Elastic
Width: 3.0"

Princess chrome  RM14/each, RM20/pair
Choice of French barette/ Alligator Clip/ Elastic
Width: 3.0"
best seller

Michael Chromerrrrr.....Bufferfly

Fab flutter  RM15/each 
Steel hair grips
Grip size: 1.2"

Inspired Alice

So conscious  RM25/each 
Side gathered bow
*3 pcs sold*1 custom request*
advanced order required for more of this

best seller

Tree Top Camo

Capsicum  RM16/each 
Alligator Clip
Width: 2.8"

One Love

 United Patrick  RM18/each 
Double layered on alligator clip/french barrette
Width: 3.0"

Cheer Squad

Cheerleader  RM16/each 
French barrette
Width: 3.4"

Sunny Sunshine Band

Band Wagon  RM14/each 
French barrette
Width: 3.0"

The band  RM14/each 
Elastic band
Width: 3.0"