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Petite Baby Bows

Petite Dior • RM18
Petite Chaplin • RM16
Petite Aqva • RM18
Petite Lemon • RM15 
*Limited time offer* RM12
..also available in lime green • RM15
*Limited time offer* RM12

My first head-piece

These are strictly for the newborns.
However, if you're really into any of these, do email me
and I'll twirl a customized one for u..
well, thats the beauty of 'handmade'.
(think Chanel..uuu..and Bottegaaaa *dreamy*)
BUT! it will not be the exact same design
as u can see here esp the elastic headbands..
those only come in that size..sorry..
Im only the bow-maker.. :o

Strawberry-banana DQ • RM18
Baby Doll • sold
Raspberry rain • RM18
Electric Orange • RM18

Baby blue & Girly pink

Rawk the horse, baby!
sold out
Cheerleader bow
sold out
bb scrunchie : Teapots • RM15

bb scrunchie: Checkered blue • RM12
Dorothy • RM15
(Optional clip type. Default: French Barette)
Alice pink and checkered • RM18
Chocolate Blue Muffin
sold out

The Mouse Family

Minnie • RM14 RM10
Mighty Mouse • RM14 RM10
Mighty Minnie • RM14 RM10
Minnie's Alice • RM22

Polka Dots

Satin Audrey • RM12 temporarily out of stock
Audrey • RM14 RM12

Pop Princess • RM10
Molecules • RM14
(optional clip type. default: french barette)
Black/Black Dots bb scrunchies • RM10 each
Vader • RM 18
(baby headband)


Plankton Alice • RM18
Plankton clip on (clip optional) • RM12

Plankton (french)barette • RM14
Please, Alice • RM18.00
White Plankton • RM16
(french barette)


The sequel bH • RM20
Purple-fly • RM20
both pf these headband will be replaced with an alternative
type as these are out of stock...forever..
Lady bug • rm12/each  rm15/pair
Lady clock • rm12/each  rm15/pair
Honey Bee • rm12/each  rm15/pair
Steel Flapper • rm10/each


Solid Pink aB RM20/each
Hot Spots aB RM20/each
Pink muffin c RM16/each

Baby bands

Diva • RM20
Blues Clues • RM18
Green Bean • RM20
Glamourfly • RM20

Formal Alice-bands

Zephyr • RM18
Referee • RM18
Zoom • RM18
Fast track • RM20
Tainted Bow • RM20
Mini Chaplin • RM18