bribbons. entourage

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Dr Greenthumb Clip    RM14/pc   RM18/pair
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Clip    RM14/pc   RM18/pair
Dr Drew Clip    RM14/pc   RM18/pair

Alice band and bow

Heart Bows • RM18 each
Best suit moms and children above 3


B/A Clip    RM12/pc   RM16/pair
B/A hB    RM18

Vitamin C

Tangerine  c RM14/each   RM18/pair
Tangerine bH RM20/each
Citrus c RM14/each   RM18/pair
Citrus bH RM20/each

Yummy Headbands

Jellyfish • RM18
Beautiful Moth • RM20
Double Berries • RM20
Butterfly Outdoor • *sold out*

Yummy New Clippies

Sugared BlueRM12/each    RM16/pair
PeaBerryRM14/each    RM18/pair
 RM20 (headbands/alice-band)
clockwise from top; Gumdrops, Bright Kid and Rainy Days

GumdropsRM12/each    RM15/pair   RM18 (headbands/alice-band)
Bright KidRM16 (clippies)   RM20 (headbands/alice-band)
Rainy DaysRM12/each    RM15/pair
(All optional Clips to choose)

*Please choose your preferred clips from the tab above. If not stated, we will use the default clip (Double-prong alligator)
* Anti-slips available @RM0.50/each upon request

A Blossoming Button

Sundance c RM15/each   aB, bH RM18/each)
Sweet Lolly c RM15/each   aB, bH RM18/each
VooDoo Sweetheart c RM15/each   aB, bH RM18/each
Too Pretty c RM16/each   aB, bH RM20each
Blueberries c RM16/each   aB, bH RM20each
Baby soft c RM15/each   aB, bH RM18each

Dior Bows

Dior hawt red • RM20
Dior Bow • RM20

*New* Hot Pink Dior - Fuschia Dior - Aqva Dior - Blue Dior - Zesty Dior • RM20

Pony eats rainbow & poops butterflies!

Rainbow (Clip) • RM16
*New* Band of Rainbows (Baby headband) • RM18
Rainbow fruit (Alice-band) • RM20
Rainbow Sherbet with flowers (Alice-band)*sold out*
...And we have it all..!
Rainbow (alice-bands)RM18/each RM30 for 2
Colors available;-
Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple and Gray
Rainbow baby (headband)RM20 
Cloud 9 (Alice-band) • RM20
*New* Spectrum (Baby headband) • RM18
Rainbow Story (Clip)*sold out*
*New* Rainbow Tale (Baby headband)*sold out*

Add some character

Bolt (clippies) rm15
Kimono (Supersized.. clippies) • sold out
*New* Chic Babe (headband) • RM16 (baby)  RM18 (adult size)
*New* Smarty-pant (baby headband) • RM18


Purity • RM8/pair
Yell Oh! • RM8/pair

Mini Clippies (edition 5)

code: #1SWB • RM12
code: #2PRP • RM14
code: #3WSP • RM12
code: #4PRB • RM14
code: #5FWS • RM12
code: #6PWS • RM14 (with Swarovski Crystal)
*anti-slips available @ RM0.50cents/each

Mini Clippies (edition 4)

code: #1RBB • RM12
code: #2RRB • RM12
code: #3RWB • RM12
code: #4RGB • RM14
code: #5WDB • RM12