bribbons. entourage

Yummy New Clippies

Sugared BlueRM12/each    RM16/pair
PeaBerryRM14/each    RM18/pair
 RM20 (headbands/alice-band)
clockwise from top; Gumdrops, Bright Kid and Rainy Days

GumdropsRM12/each    RM15/pair   RM18 (headbands/alice-band)
Bright KidRM16 (clippies)   RM20 (headbands/alice-band)
Rainy DaysRM12/each    RM15/pair
(All optional Clips to choose)

*Please choose your preferred clips from the tab above. If not stated, we will use the default clip (Double-prong alligator)
* Anti-slips available @RM0.50/each upon request