bribbons. entourage

Garden Wonders

green, pink and blue Baby Gardenias  c • RM13/each
Pearly Peony c with pin • *sold out*
Blossom Pearl c with pin • RM22/each
Checkered pink and checkered blue bH • RM18/each
Sparkling Pink and Sparkling Aqva  bH • RM20/each
clockwise from top; Pearl Baby Blossom..Dazzling Baby Peony..Pearly Baby Gardenia c • RM13/each
Blings and Begonias bH/hB • RM24/each
Twin Flowers bH • *sold out*
Little Gardenia bH • *sold out*

Retro Diva

Groovy bH • RM20/each
Foxy c • RM16/each   bH • RM20/each
Little Foxies c • RM12/set
Funky bH • RM18/each
Funky Stardust c • RM12/set
Disco Lights e • RM10/each
Disco Boogie e + c • RM16/set
Flower Power bH • RM20/each (soft flannel fabric) *temporarily out of stock*
Petal Power c • RM12/set
Stellar bH • RM20/each *temporarily out of stock*
Bootin c • sold out
Shindig c • RM15/each  bH • RM22/each*temporarily out of stock*
Peachy Keen c • RM15/each  bH • RM22/each
Fitch c • sold out
Baking c • RM12/each  bH • RM20/each

Berry Brownies

I'm currently hyped up with brown + pink & baby blue! so chic and vintage ❤ !
Fluffy Berry Brown bH RM20/each
Berry Blue Strip bH RM18/each
Candied Berry c RM15/each  bH RM18/each
Icing on Top bH RM20/each
Blue Cloud & Sprinkles bH RM20/each
Strawberry Owl bH RM20/each
Berry Brownie Clippies c RM10/set

Pretty pure

Creme de LaCreme c • RM16/each  bH • RM18/each

White Wizard c • RM16/each  bH • RM18/each
Prissy Princess e • RM12/each
Milkmaid c • RM12/each


Pink Bunny Tail (bH) RM20/each
Pink Bunny (C) RM16/each


Tangled Berry (aB) RM20/each
Berry Bow (bH) RM18/each

Solid Baby Headbands with large bow

Baby Blue Jeans (bH) RM20/each
Baby Pink Jeans (bH) RM20/each
Baby Blue Stroller (bH) RM24/each
Baby Pink Stroller (bH) RM24/each

Purple and pastels

Ice (C) RM12/pc  (e) RM10/pc
Cream (C) RM12/pc  (e) RM10/pc

Rainy Days & Mondays

Chicken pox bH - corduroy RM20/each
Measels bH RM18/each
Monday Blues bH RM18/each
Monday! c RM12/eachRM16/pair


Beetle Bow (C) RM12/pc  RM15/pair
Beetle Dots (hB,bH) RM18each
Beetle Shine *out of stock*