bribbons. entourage

Alice in red

Blair aB • rm20/each
Festive aB • sold out
Circus bH • rm18/each

Basic and lame :p

The Basics that came up last... (it just didn't cross my mind..)
Serious Turquoise Navy Chocolate
Cotton Lemon Sun  Lipstick
Rosy Cheeks Hot Chick *temporarily out of stock* Violet Lilac
and black

i just realized i dont have green elastic..fret not, it'll be around soon..


Girly Nightwatcher bH • rm20/each
hOwly Blings c • *sold out*


Confetti Muffin c •  *sold out*
Band of Owls c •  *sold out*
Pirated Jeweled Heart c • *sold out*
Glam Square c •  *sold out*
Center Stage c • *sold out*
Street Lights c • *sold out*

Ballet Sweetheart

Ballerina Slippers *temporarily out of stock* bH RM22/each

ESPN fanatics

Soccer Net bH • RM24/each
Fantasy Football bH • RM22/each
Homerun bH • RM22/each
Sporty Baby c • RM12/set
 *newly imported ribbons*

Pluck! Pluck!

Chickens bH RM20/each
Chicks Ahoy! c RM15/each   bH RM20/each
*newly imported ribbons*

Royal Frogs

Royal babies c RM15/set
Frog Princess bH RM22/each