bribbons. entourage

Top Scorers

Preppy bH RM22/each
Class Hottie bH RM18/each
A-lister bH RM20/each
Class Geek c • RM13/each

Class Rep aB • rm20/each

Cheer Captain c • rm18/each
Blue Team c • rm18/each
Teacher's Pet c • rm16/each

  *newly imported ribbons and cotton fabric*

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry alice aB • rm21/each
Strawberry clip-on c • rm16/each

Pastel Rabbits and Gum Bears

Blue Pastel Bunny c rm16/each  bH rm20/each
Pink Pastel Bunny c rm16/each  bH rm20/each
Baby Gumdrops  *sold out*
Yellow Bear c rm16/each
Bear Grass c rm16/each
*all newly imported grosgrain ribbon. These printed ribbons are indeed limited because they're almost always ran out of stock by the time I went back for a repeat order..

Teeny Weeny Polka Dot

Splash! aB rm20/each
Ladybird Alice! aB rm18/each
Trickle Dots aB rm18/each
Cotton Pink aB rm20/each
Tiny Drops aB rm20/each