bribbons. entourage

Skull Candy

Funk Lady bH RM20/each
Funk Baby c RM15/each
Pirate Radio Girl bH RM18/each

Lollypop Land

Candy Store e set RM16/set
Candy Land c RM15/each  RM18/pair
Fun Fair bH RM18/each
Joyride c set RM18/set
Fun! Fun! Fun! c set RM16/set
Rock Candy skinny bH + c set RM18/set

Swan Lake

Swan Lake Princess bH RM20/each
Swan Lake Baby c set RM16/pair


Band of Mushrooms bH RM20/each  c RM16/each
Button Mushrooms e RM12/each  RM16/pair

Little Lady

Demure bH RM18/each
Miss Goody c set RM16/set
Prim & Proper skinny bH RM18/each

Flowers at Bay

Bay Flowers e + c set RM18/set


Blue Candy bH RM20/each
Blue Candy Stix skinny bH RM15/each
Blue Candy Sprinkles bH RM22/each

Wild Flowers

Wild Blossoms (left) skinny bH RM15/each  (right) bH RM20/each


Chocolates and friends bH + c set RM20/set

Purple Flowers

Purple Flower c set RM15/set
Morning Glory bH RM16/each
Purple Flower Buds c set RM15/set
Bugged Morning Glory bH RM22/each *sold out*
Purple Morning Dew skinny bH RM20/each

All Aboard!

Pink Sailor bH RM20/each
Baby Navy c set RM15/set


Wild Flamingo bH RM20/each
Baby Flamingo skinny bH RM18/each
Blushing Flamingo bH RM22/each

Laced bows

Pink Bunny fB RM20/each
French Maid fB  RM20/each
School prefect fB  RM20/each

(optional clips available upon request, headbands are available at the same price  )

Due to the nature of these particular bows being handmade 
and requires a tad more time for attentive detailing, 
please be informed that orders may take at least a couple of days to be ready for shipment.

After 8

Chocolate Mints c (left) RM15/each  bH (right) RM20/each
Mint Truffle c • RM14/set
Peppermints c • RM16/set
Iced Mint Tea c • RM16/each  bH • RM20/each
Mints Jujubes c • RM12/set