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Softy Felty Bows

*New product* Felt Clippies

code: fC RM10/each
Request your color!
(Available in various solid color)

High Tea

(top right) Felt Pink c RM10/each
(top left) Coffee Cupcake bH RM18/each
(bottom) Java Chip c RM15/each


(top left) Dragonfly c RM12/each
(right) Old Rose c RM14/each
(bottom) Serene bH RM18/each

Pretty Garden

(top) Tea Leaf
(bottom) Dusty Rose
c RM15/each
(top) Apricot

(bottom) Avocado
c RM15/each
(top) Raspberry
(bottom) Grapefruit 
c RM15/each
(top) Ripe Kiwi c RM15/each
(bottom) Felt Mustard fc RM10/each

   All items* can be customized into;    
baby headband (bH) RM18/each
alice band (aB) RM20/each
ponytail holder (pH) RM12/each

*not applicable for Felt Mustard

Colorful Butterflies

Colorful Blue Bow c RM15/each
Colorful Blue Bow bH RM20/each
Colorful Orange Bow c RM15/each
Colorful Orange Bow bH RM20/each

Turquoise + Red

Red Aqua Bow c RM12/each
  (top) Waterlily bH RM20/each

(bottom) Red Pinwheel Bow c RM15/each

Dotted Cherry

(top) Cherry Mist bH RM18/each
Felt Red c RM10/each

Rainbow in Pastel *SOLD OUT*

(top) Fairly Cloudy (bottom) Pastel Rainbow (with pink dots center)
c RM15/each
Pastel Rainbow clippies with purple center
Pastel Rainbow Skinny Band headband c RM20/each
Bow's center color is optional. Please
state your preferred color as a remark for this order