bribbons. entourage

All The Berries

Blueberries c RM16/each

Strawberry Chews 
clippies set of 2 RM18/set
Laffy Taffy Grape c RM18/each
Baby Grape c RM16/set
Baby Berries c RM16/set

Brown and blush and blues

Softie pH + c RM15/set
Bestfriends c set of 3 RM16/set
Bestie c set of 3 RM16/set
Nectarine c set of 2 RM18/set
Rocky Road bH RM18/each
Pinkin Brown c RM15/each
Cola c RM16/each
Cherry Cola bH RM16/each
Cardigan c set of 2 RM18/each

Stripy Strap

State Flag bH RM18/each
Sun Streak c RM14/each
Team Mascot bH RM16/each